Rick and Morty Gifts to Get Yourself for Next Holiday

Rick and Morty, a show that inspires you to go beyond your normal thoughts. The show introduces humour and thoughts that make you feel like the world is lying to you or trying to get you to be negative. More so, its on the negative end. Everybody wants to think about a disaster these days. If you’re a fan of the show, you know to just chill out and try to solve the next problem that comes your way. The true essence of the show. All the weird scifi adventures they go through is about chilling out. Chill out to some Rick and Morty outfits too. You don’t have to. But, if you’re a fan and the budget can allow, go get yourself some new gear and just chill. Be like the characters in the show. Don’t pretend to be them. Here are some Rick and Morty gifts.

Pickle Pick Sleeping Bag for Camping

Think of yourself as pickle rick by sleeping in a sleeping bag that looks like a pickle. Bag has a symbol of pickle rick and green pickle colors. Very funny conversation to have with someone who wants to know what your sleeping in. Hey, you’re an adult but you got to have your fun. Sleeping bag is light and machine washable. Length is 86 inches and width is 26 inches. Enough space to fit an average man. Sleeping bag can be turned into a costume if you walk around with it. Cutting the bottom is optional, but I suggest walking on the bottom with it. Very childish to wear your sleeping bag like it’s Halloween, but you only live once in this life. Want to be remembered for being that guy that wear a pickle costume or that guy that spilled the cake at work. Choose the one you think is cool.

Additionally, the item is a great gift for people who like to eat pickles. I eat pickles all the time and think about getting my teeth into pickles with different sauces. Buy this pickle sleeping back if your just like me.

Coffee Mug With Show Symbol

Source: Eurekamugs.com

The coffee mug is the alternative to not getting a big gift. We get you have moved on in life and don’t like to get wild things. So, get your hands on a small Rick and Morty mug. Take it on coffee trips abroad and have late night thoughts. The ones you think about after a good scifi movie. The mug can also be in any color that is available from the shop. Make sure to call the shop you are buying the mug from. Some shops have colors you can’t get. Some coffee mugs have quotes from the show. Interesting quotes that make you laugh or remind you of certain episodes that make you go back to that episode and go “I remember that.” Buy a Rick and Morty coffee mug today.

A Poster With All the Cast

Hang a poster on a wall with Rick and Morty characters. Every character in one giant poster made from long lasting material. Generally, made from strong paper or vinyl. Read item description for more information on material be used. Many characters will come and go on the show. Look at this poster that includes every character you could want. Similar, to the Spencer store in mall that has those cartoon posters you can buy. Also, other thing that are pretty weird. Anyway, go back a couple years to the times when things were simple and life was moving at a good pace. Let your mind drift into the show as it stares in the poster for a 20 minutes. Think about each character and what they did to contribute to show. Atleast, that is what I do when I look at big poster full of cartoon characters from my favorite show.