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Everything You Need To Know About The Perfect Fitting Bike Helmet

Cycling is a great way to stay in fit whether you are young or old. It also provides benefits than those that are health-related, including expanding your network, creating an alternative means of transportation, and many more. If done the right way and with the right gear, such as the best helmet for mountain bike, you will reap the most benefits from your cycling efforts.


Like other sports activities, biking requires that as a rider, you will follow the rules of the sport, and that includes wearing a helmet. The important thing about this matter, however, is that even the most experienced and most alert cyclist can still get hurt while on the road. According to the 2017 Road Safety Factsheet, head injuries that range from fatal skull fractures and brain damage to minor concussion and cuts, are quite common injuries that cyclists experience. In fact, hospital data shows that more than 40% of cyclists, and 45% of child cyclists, suffer head injuries while on the road.

The very simple rule that could probably save you from the most unexpected impact while riding your bike is to wear a helmet. As revealed by the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute, wearing a proper fitting, Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) certified helmet could prevent 85 percent of biker’s head injuries. Not only will provide another protective layer for your head and your brain but wearing a good-fitting helmet with proper vents can also keep your head warm and dry. That is especially true when you are riding on a wet pavement or when the temperature is quite chilly. Wearing a light-colored helmet or one with a reflector will also make it easier for other motorists and other drivers to see you while you are on the road, especially when it is already dark outside.

Finding a perfect-fitting helmet is not easy, however. The truth of the matter is that there is an overwhelming number of helmets available in the market today that makes it quite difficult to find the right one that will provide the most benefits. That’s where this guide may come in handy. This primer will provide you with the basic information about helmets, including how to find the perfect fitting helmet that will do the job of protecting your head.

Once you’re done with this guide, you can start your search for what could be the best helmet that you can use while you are on the road.

Check the label

It says “bicycle helmet,” it should meet the standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. It’s a part of the US regulations. There are other standards that exist, such as Snell’s B-95 standard, and this is even tougher than the CPSC standard. However, if you are just buying a bike helmet, you can be assured that a low-cost helmet also meets the same safety standards that a high-end helmet meets. A CPSC sticker inside the helmet will provide proof of this claim.

Consider the construction

Most of the bike helmets available in the market today are made of expanded polystyrene foam that is covered with a tough-but-thin plastic shell. This forms a protective layer that on impact, will shield your head and your skull. The foam gets crushed instead. In lower cost helmets, the plastic shell is bonded or taped to the foam, while in more expensive helmets, all the pieces are molded as one during the manufacturing process. Both of these helmets are safe. The molded types are just lighter and more aerodynamically designed. These helmets should be replaced after an unexpected impact to ensure the biker’s safety.

Size it up

Most lower-priced helmets are usually one-size-fits-all. They are normally designed with an adjustable internal strap for a better fit. Costlier helmets, however, are available in a range of sizes. Before you look for a better fitting helmet, you will need to get the measurement of your head. It should be cross your forehead and an inch or so above your eyebrows.

Look and feel

How the helmet of your choice will look and feel on your head is as important as how it will provide protection. Thus, you may also need to consider the color. A brightly-colored helmet will provide greater visibility while on the road. How about the cut? Do you prefer a helmet that provides greater coverage at the back of your head or do you think you will need one that will provide greater protection for your face?

Check the vents. Do you think one with a visor will work better for you? These things are a matter of personal preference that you also need to consider when deciding which will best suit you while you are on your bike and on the road.

Wear it properly

Your helmet should sit snuggly on the shape of your head. Make sure that it does not wobble or fall to either side of your face as this will make it easier to pedal and see where you are headed while you are on the road.


Your helmet should rest properly on your head, with the front of the helmet covering most of your forehead. If the helmet tilts and exposes your head, it will not protect your head. Connect the chin strap and tighten it so that it will rest firmly on your chin. In the end, you should not be able to move your helmet any more than an inch in any direction.

You will need to check your helmet every now and then as it the straps of the helmet may loosen. Give it a quick wiggle check before you hit the road.

Accidents happen when we least expect it and the only way you can prevent it is to take the necessary safety measures. Start with these basic guide so you can ride with confidence any time.

Signs You Need A Pregnancy Pillow

Though a pregnancy pillow can be used at any part of your pregnancy, it can best serve your needs when used at the time when you need it most. The question now is where are you in your pregnancy? If you are about to enter the second trimester of your pregnancy, you may want to consider finding the best pillow for pregnancy as it can relieve you of so many pregnancy-relaled pains during this time.


During the second trimester of your pregnancy, you may experience the following changes:

  • Weight gain. You will add more pounds as your baby grows. During this period you may see put on about 3 to 4 lbs.
  • Breast growth. Your milk glands enlarge as well as adds in a few deposits of fat. These changes prepare your body for breastfeeding.
  • Braxton Hicks contractions. Also known as false labor. This happens as your uterine muscles tighten as your uterine prepares for labor and delivery.
  • Pregnancy weight, sleepless nights, physical pains, and psychological exhaustion will drain your energy faster causing you to feel tired more often.
  • Nasal and oral health issues. Hormonal changes will affect your oral ligaments and bones causing you to experience several oral health issues, such as loose teeth and bleeding or swelling gums.
  • Urinary tract infections. As your uterus expands, it may cause pressure on your bladder preventing it to empty completely when it should.
  • As your uterus expands, it may press food and acid back into your esophagus and cause this condition.
  • Back, pelvic, neck, shoulder, hip and other body pains. The expanding muscles and ligaments around your tummy and pelvic area will cause several pains that you may have to endure as your pregnancy progresses.
  • This can be caused by the pressure on the nerves and muscles as your body compensates for the growth of the baby inside your tummy.

If you have a high-quality pregnancy pillow, you can position your self on it to help minimize these symptoms. You can also use this pillow for other purposes as well, even long after you have finally given birth.

How will you know that it’s time to buy a pregnancy pillow? Here are the signs to consider:

  1. Lower back pain. Experiencing lower back pain is one of the usual disruptive symptoms to consider when thinking of finding the best pillow for pregnancy. Studies, including this one, indicate that about 50% -80% of expecting women will report having experienced a back pain. The most common cause of this pregnancy pain is the additional weight gained during pregnancy. However, it can also be caused by the changing hormones, stress, poor posture, as well as in the change in the center of gravity.

Health experts recommend sleeping on the left side while cradling a pregnancy pillow so that all areas experiencing discomfort will be provided equal support.

  1. Leg problems. Leg pain and cramps are also common problems during the second trimester. With a wedge-type pregnancy pillow between your legs, they can be provided adequate support while you rest or lie on your left side while on your bed or on the sofa. This position will also stimulate blood circulation, thus preventing swelling and cramps.

The Mayo Clinic recommends the following to help relieve leg pains and cramps:

  • Stretching the calf muscles.
  • Keeping yourself properly hydrated.
  • Wearing the right footwear.
  • Staying active
  1. Lack of deep sleep. Having a good quality sleep is crucial for an expecting woman to experience a healthier pregnancy. However, many pregnant mothers are deprived of having a good quality of sleep. As a result, they suffer from insomnia and exhaustion, as well as a lack of sleep.

Researchers affiliated with the National Sleep Foundation came up with a recommendation on the proper sleep duration by age. This recommendation was based on a review of more than 300 research studies. This indicates that a pregnant woman may need more hours than the usually recommended 7-9 hours of sleep or a few more naps throughout the day.

If you have a maternity pillow to rest your aching body while you sleep, you can sleep longer peacefully. You won’t have any sleepless nights, your body pains will dramatically be minimized, and you will feel totally relaxed as you doze off for that needed rest.

  1. Headaches. Expecting moms also complain of having headaches, especially during the second trimester.

With the right pillow like a maternity pillow, you can have something to prop your head properly and help alleviate both minor and severe headaches like migraines. A pregnancy pillow is made to be firm enough to keep your head, neck, and spine aligned.

  1. There are more pains that you may experience as your pregnancy progresses, including hemorrhoids, heartburn, round ligament pain, and even a health condition called the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Sleeping on your side with a pregnancy pillow will help provide support to problem areas and relieve the pain that you are experiencing.


Pregnancy pillows come in various shapes, sizes, fillings to accommodate particular body pains experienced by expecting moms. To find the best pregnancy pillow for back pain, you need to define what exactly is bothering you. Then consider your budget for the pillow, the size of your bed, the filling used for the pillow, the type of pillow that will provide the needed support, and other factors that will allow you to get the most value from the pregnancy pillow that you intend to purchase.

Empowered Women

A Journey Back to Self: Selfheal lessons for Growth, insight and inspiration.

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You will work through your belief system.. understanding what you believe.. why you believe and if it is time to let these beliefs go to be replaced with Knowings.

This series of lessons take you through a journey of your Whole Life.. from past to present day.. opening the door for personal understanding and empowerment.

Changing your life begins NOW>>> with small changes which open doors to opportunity, success and abundance. Connect with the Shamanistic Healer with in YOU>

Learn what beliefs hold you back, limit your joy and enjoy releasing them.  Transform your life and empower yourself to live your dreams.

I offer three options for working with you on these powerful, life changing lessons.


Over the years many have experienced wonderful changes in their lives through the process of self understanding and the power of inner change.

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A Journey to Self Empowerment

As a spiritual healer and teacher for more than 15 years, Donna/Manyfeather has offered guidance and a helping hand to many on their road to healing and empowerment.

The author of books and lessons which encourage and uplift women to find their place of balance, inner peace and power, she reaches out with love and clarity.

On these pages you will find many ebooks and lesson books to aid you on your journey to your self.

Many women loose sight of their real selves when their identity is shadowed behind being a daughter, wife, mother, or friend.

Each book and class brings you the energy to work with your intention and intuition to come full circle.. remembering yourself.