How to Select a Cage Size for Chinchilla?

By | August 17, 2020

How to Select a Cage Size for Chinchilla?

The chinchilla is a small rodent and you can easily hold in your hands. Normally, living in a tiny cage can make chinchillas neurotic and depressed, so you have to find the best chinchilla cages and place it in the right environment to keep your pet stay healthy. Actually, the chinchilla cage must be as big as your living space will permit for. It is highly suggested that the chinchilla cage is no smaller than 3 feet by 2 feet. If you can give a bigger cage than this for your chinchilla, it is highly recommended. Thus, the chinchillas always require more space. Before arranging this cage, first you must know on your chinchilla’s preferences and arrange what will extremely let them happy as well as healthy for the next years.

How big the chinchilla cage must be and minimum size needs?

How to Select a Cage Size for Chinchilla?

Before adopting these chinchillas as your pet, it is decent that how you eventually give a comfortable as well as a safe environment. It is more important for you to offer an adequate size for your chinchilla to entertain themselves inside.

Minimum cage size

The least cage size for an adult chinchilla must be minimum 3x2x2 ft. If you keep more than one chinchillas in a cage, you can ensure that it has least of two square feet of floor space for each pet. If you want to choose the best chinchilla cages with wire-bottomed, then you need place the wood material in a cage bottom and it will help the chinchillas to have a great environment. Otherwise, much time spent on wire can make more pressure sores on chinchillas’ foot.

Placement considerations

You should always keep the cage out of breezes as well as away from the straight sunlight. Also, you do not keep a cage in a humid area, a damp or just next to the warm source. This is because; the chinchillas are more sensitive to heat, so you would never allowed the room temperature just increase above 80 degrees; otherwise it leads to dead. Also, the temperature should never fall below 50 degrees, so you always keep the cage carefully clean for your chinchillas’ health.

Cage levels

The chinchilla cage must consist of so many levels inside it, so your pet can easily jump and climb as well. Usually, the chinchillas can jump as high as 6 feet, so you install a large cage if you have enough spacious room. Basically, these rodents are prey animals, so you would keep the cage off a floor. If you breed chinchillas, you will require an individual as well as single-level cage for the mother, when she is due to offer birth. The baby chinchilla is climb as soon as they are born, so they should not live in a high cage. So, they could easily fall and injure themselves.

Time out

The high or very large cage can make the good type of housing for your chinchillas. But, it is much essential for your pet to get out of your cage on a routine basis for exercise. When you leave your pet to run around and play in, you just want to supervise an area. They usually desire to chew, but ensure that the chewing material does not make any health issues to them.

Useful ideas on what to look for in a chinchilla cage

The chinchillas are actually wonderful as well as exotic pets. To keep chinchillas safe and healthy, it is essential to offer them with utmost care and attention as well. However, it is necessary to purchase a cage that will offer them their private space to lead a casual as well as a healthy routine. All you need to do is to let them out to play and exercise daily. Here is a useful guide on purchasing the best chinchilla cages that will support you decide on perfectly what you need.

  • The most essential thing to keep in mind while purchasing a chinchilla cage is size. So, it is much essential to purchase a cage that has a lot of rooms for a chinchilla in order to keep with such routine activities.
  • Make sure the height of a cage is more essential than the breadth and length as the chinchilla’s love of climbing and jumping than everything else. These cages must be as high as parrot cages minimum, but not more than three feet.
  • The chinchillas are lying to overheat as they do not dampness. The chinchilla cage with strong sides will be warm as well as airless, which could be lethal for a chinchilla. So, it is good to opt for a web cage for chinchilla.
  • The chinchilla cage now comes well equipped with a proper exercise wheel, which is a very great option.
  • The chinchillas always want to keep their thick coat tidy, but cannot bathe in the water; because it takes their coats more time to dry and also lead it to catch cold that would be fatal. Instead, the chinchillas use sand baths. So, it is very much essential to keep a well-sized sand bath.

Choose the best chinchilla cage for your pet

How to Select a Cage Size for Chinchilla?

Before you shop a chinchilla to keep as a pet, you will want to ensure that you offer them with anywhere to live. There are lots of chinchilla cages available. Also, there are specific things one must take into consideration, before you build this all essential purchase. Moreover, remember the right cage will offer a perfect home in which your pet chinchilla will enjoy living in.


When you are choosing the best chinchilla cages, this is a place in which your chinchilla is going to invest most of their time. You can build it a space that lets them a comfort to move freely and also feel at home. Hence, they are brilliantly appealing spirited individuals who will offer more pleasure, if preserved with utmost care and treatment as well. Let you find the right cage for your chinchilla and keep them safe.