How Do You Set Up A Bearded Dragon Tank?

By | February 5, 2020

Do you own a bearded dragon? Want to make your pet happy and healthy? Looking for a home for your dragon? First of all, take a look at what is a bearded dragon? It is a reptile which has a quite friendly nature and if you want something to keep in your home with low convenience and attractive then this the right option for you.

Now we will see what you need for your bearded dragon. Like us our pets also need a home, for your reptile, you need a tank or you can also call it an enclosure. It is the first and the most important part when you decide to buy a bearded dragon. Because for several years of your dragon entire lives he has to live in, so it should be comfortable for him. You should buy an enclosure which will be better and perfect for the whole life from his childhood to the day when he grew up and become an old or adult. So it’s better the one in large size. In this article, you will get to know how to set up your dragon cage? How you can make your dragon healthy and from where you can buy the best bearded dragon enclosure?

Factors to keep in mind while choosing an enclosure:


How Do You Set Up A Bearded Dragon Tank?There are so many sources where you can buy the enclosure for your bearded dragon but the thing is that where you can find the best one and how you will set up your enclosure? First of all, we will take a look at some factors you will keep in mind while choosing a proper enclosure.

Floor space: The most important thing for the bearded dragon is his house where he will live. It should be large so that he can roam and feel comfortable around. When your dragon will grow adult he needs more space so that you should buy a tank or enclosure in a standard size that will fit him for his entire life. As per the recommendations you should go to buy a tank a 125 gallon. Your bearded dragon has not so much height but he needs a large place to roam over there so you should go for a tank that has large horizontal space. The larger the floor space the more he will feel comfortable.

The material of tank: like a fish aquarium, there are also tanks for the bearded dragon. If you want your bearded dragon in front of your eye the glass material enclosure is best for you. Through this not only you but also your bearded dragon also see you. There are also some other materials that provide transparency such as acrylic and plastic but they are a bit more costly from the glass. This will provide nourishment to your bearded dragon.

Secured and covered enclosure: the most important thing while buying s enclosure is its cover. No one wants to lose his bearded dragon when you are not there. Suppose if the tank is open and you are sleeping your dragon will easily escape from your home. So, in this case, you have to choose an enclosure which a heavy cover. There is an enclosure which covers of metal screen. There are also some enclosures that have locked cover so that if you have children they can’t open your bearded dragon. This Will provide total security to your lovely dragon.

How you will set your bearded dragon tank?

How Do You Set Up A Bearded Dragon Tank?

Now I know you understand what kind of tank you need for your bearded dragon now it’s time to understand how you will set up the enclosure?

  • First of all, you need to buy a perfect enclosure for a large variety. You should go for an enclosure that has a larger vertical space so that your bearded dragon will roam freely on the surface. Also, there are so enclosure which provides you a kit for plants and other things
  • These reptiles are grown up in high heat temperatures because they are born in desert areas so that you need to supply a high amount of heat in their house so that they can survive and get a healthy life in your home. Also, put a bulb for providing them a sunlight atmosphere because they love the sun and its heat.
  • Did you want your bearded dragon to be bored and unhealthy? As like us they also don’t like to roam on cold and harsh surfaces. There is some carpet you can use in their enclosure. There are also a variety of carpets in the market choose the one after doing research on your reptile age.
  • The bearded dragon is known for climbing. In their enclosure don’t forget to add a perch for him. You can also use grape wine or other pieces of wood to maintain a good grip so that there are fewer chances for the injury at the time of climbing.
  • The most important thing for all living things is water and food. You have to supply food and water regularly for your bearded dragon. There are so many bowls and other things you can buy from the store.
  • To supervise your pet is very necessary. And also take a look at the heat because it should be normal otherwise it can hard your bearded dragon. For this, Yon can add a thermometer in the enclosure so that you will get to know about the temperature.

After reading all this you will get to know that the set up of enclosure is not so tough. If you follow all the steps properly you can make your bearded dragon life longer and healthier. Just take care of them, interact with them, supply heat and food at the right time. And get them for a check up after certain times. The important thing is you have to make all the preparation before taking the best bearded dragon enclosure, that’s it. Now make him a new family member and enjoy your time.