Habits For Long Run Hydration

By | August 15, 2018

It is critical to get properly hydrated when you are regularly engaging in long runs. This is most especially true when you have planned to participate or engage in such exercise during the hotter season of the year. You can’t just perform as you would like to if you won’t take care of your hydration level. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned runner or not. Even during your training cycle prior to a long run event, you need to practice and refine your hydration program. You don’t just dash on the day and chug liters of water to keep you going. That’s not how proper hydration works.

As you plan your training workout, you will definitely need to consider finding the best water bottles for running. Your hydration plan will depend much on this. There are so many brands offer a lot of features, including a belt or a strap that will allow you to securely place even your phone or and other things. It can be a bit troublesome to do, but your performance will depend much on your hydration. So, whether you like it or not, you will just have to bring one with you any time you go out to run or engage in any strenuous activity.

Hydration as Way of Life

Proper hydration is not just making sure that you have enough bottles to fuel you on the road before you step outside. As a professional runner or a competitive runner, completing runs longer than 90 minutes in duration, you need to consider hydration as a part of how you live your life. In reality, you may be running several days in a week, which means that you may have less than 12 hours before  your next run.

As hydration should not start the day that you will run, it is imperative that you continuously provide adequate hydration to your body on a day to day basis.

To help you achieve such a goal, consider doing these things to make staying hydrated part of your day-to-day life:

  • Always carry a water bottle with you and regularly drink water throughout the day. As long as your urine is light colored, you are assured that you are providing the right amount of liquid to your system. There are so many brands that offer high-quality water bottles. Look for one that you can use for a long and will provide you with quality water while retaining the liquid’s temperature longer.
  • For every cup of coffee or a can of soda that you have each day, makes sure that you drink a glass of water.
  • Make it your goal to have a light yellow colored urine. The easiest way that could tell whether you have enough water in your system is the color of your urine. If you urinate about 6 or more times a day and releases a good volume of light-colored urine, you are you assured that you are providing enough hydration to your body.
  • Avoid alcoholic drinks.

Phases of Hydration

As a professional athlete, it is better for you to divide your hydration plan into phases instead of just focusing on a general hydration plan.

Hydration Before Workout

Experts suggest that hydration should always begin a couple of days prior to the run. As I have mentioned earlier, since you are out to run several times in a week, you might not even have a day for the next run. The best way to keep hydrated then is to ensure that you take enough water or fluid a couple of hours before an activity.

You need to make sure that you take sufficient nutritious food and fluids in your system. It’s easy quite easy to pick the wrong food to eat, especially when you have a scheduled run just a few hours away. Make sure that you always have easy-to-digest, highly nutritious foods ready. One of the best options is energy bars.

Water or sports drinks?

Water will not be enough to help your body feel invigorated throughout and after a long run. It is best that you take a sports drink and water. This will ensure that you will also provide electrolytes along with water to your body. Alternate water with a sports drink. But you will need to stop taking in more fluids about 30-minutes before your long run. You’ll know that you are properly hydrated when your urine is light yellow when you pee.

Hydration During Workout

You sweat as you exert energy and get exhausted while working out. Still, there are many people who choose to voluntarily become dehydrated for some personal reasons. However, if you have one of the best water bottles for running with your favorite beverage kept cold, you will just be grateful that your clock alarmed for your next sip.

You don’t just plan to do it, you have to drink your fluids. With a great drinking bottle, there’s just no reason for you not to, however. Simply drink when your watch beeps cueing that it’s your time to take a sip. Remember that if you forget to drink once, you may find it difficult to catch up and this will affect your performance. If you find it difficult to do, while you are on the fun, stop for a while or walk a bit to allow the fluid to settle in your system.

When you plan your training route, make sure that you find one with places to stop and reload your fluid holders, like a water fountain or a convenience store. If not, you’ll have to create a loop that will lead to either your house or car. You just need to have a way to rehydrate for you to have a successful long run.

You’ll also have to make sure that you have something that you will love to drink. Choose any beverage that suits your taste while at the same time will provide you with the essential elements that your body needs for proper hydration.

Hydration After Workout

Just as you need sufficient liquid before and during workouts, you’ll need as much once your training is done.

The best way to determine how much you need to replenish any lost fluid is to calculate your sweat loss. Weigh yourself before and after a workout. About 20 to 24 fluid ounces of water is enough to replace every pound lost.


Managing your water as well as your nutrition intake is a critical part to train to reach your potential. Quality training leads to improved fitness; improved fitness will lead to great runs. As you learn to hydrate properly, you will be ready any time for a long run.