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Follow these steps to Create the Life of Your Dreams

Create the Life of Your Dreams

We all dream of a perfect life, filled with joy, health, prosperity and wonderful relationships.

Why do so many still struggle for this life of wonder and joy?

They don’t know the secret to using the principle of the Law of Attraction.

This book tells it straight, no white washing, no holding back.

The mini lessons on self understanding will empower you to create yourself and your  life in abundance and joy.

As a healer for many years, I work with many people who just need a helping hand in understanding how these principles work.

Using every day language I reveal the secrets to working with the law of attraction to create the life of your dreams.

Understand the power of your thoughts and beliefs…

See the incredible role your beliefs and self esteem play in your experience.

It’s simple.. and I tell you exactly how to use this powerful secret Law of Attraction to create your life the way you really want to experience it.

If you will take the time to work through this book and apply these principles in your daily life..

YOU WILL BE AMAZED at the changes that take place at once.

Don’t put off living a life of joy and abundance..

Don’t wait for love..

Enjoy it now..

Experience health, joy, love, relationships, abundance and an empowered life.. RIGHT NOW!

This is an original ebook.. I wrote it and own the copyright.. it’s only available from me.

If you’ve wondered how we create the life of our dreams.. Read this book, follow the steps.. and experience the magic for yourself.

After payment you will be directed to to a page  to download your personal copy of this powerful and life changing book.

A Journey to Self Empowerment

As a spiritual healer and teacher for more than 15 years, Donna/Manyfeather has offered guidance and a helping hand to many on their road to healing and empowerment.

The author of books and lessons which encourage and uplift women to find their place of balance, inner peace and power, she reaches out with love and clarity.

On these pages you will find many ebooks and lesson books to aid you on your journey to your self.

Many women loose sight of their real selves when their identity is shadowed behind being a daughter, wife, mother, or friend.

Each book and class brings you the energy to work with your intention and intuition to come full circle.. remembering yourself.